Need prayers

I went to the doctor today and i have been dealing with some serious issues, I just wasn't sure what it was going on with me. Well I had my gallbladder removed last year in October and I have had issues since that surgery. They had to put a stint in my liver because they … Continue reading Need prayers


Just tired…..

If I gave up would you catch my fall? Would you help me stand or would I have to crawl? That's something people should ask their partner, but if you have to ask that then you should already know the answers. I'm not trying to be negative at all in any of my posts. I'm … Continue reading Just tired…..

I’m getting people upset…

My story is starting to rock a lot of my relationships. It's crazy because I haven't even revealed anything yet and still issues are arising and everything is being made to be my fault. I take full responsibility for any of my actions I have made but I'm not going to remain quiet so people … Continue reading I’m getting people upset…

Past Mistakes….

Everyone makes mistakes in life no matter who you are but if you know it is something that affects the next person then maybe you should change. Unless you don't care enough to make that change and that is when lines can get crossed. Feelings can get hurt. It can ruin everything. But if a … Continue reading Past Mistakes….

Can you relate??

I was in the shower and it hit me that I have been through so much I didn't even think to mention so I'm going to share now because a lot of people can relate!! Have you ever had an eviction notice for yourself and it's not even for past due rent but past due … Continue reading Can you relate??

I will not remain silent so you can remain comfortable 🖕

I have to write because it is getting so hard to breathe these panic attacks today feel like they are going to take me out. The tightening of my chest, making it hard to breathe, and I just close my eyes and pray and get my mind off my breathing. I wonder if people can … Continue reading I will not remain silent so you can remain comfortable 🖕